lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

Tanith Lee. L'Imperatrice dei sogni

Tanith Lee: tra le scrittrici che più amo. E poterne scrivere su una rivista come Hypnos Magazine... be', un grande onore. 
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Sycorax's Daughters: a very special Project

(The Italian version of this review has appeared in print on Hypnos Magazine 7, Autumn 2017, pp. 127-132)

Sycorax’s Daughters, by Kinitra D. Brooks, Linda D. Addison & Susana M. Morris, Cedar Grove Publishing, San Francisco, 2017, 536 pp.

When Linda Addison kindly asked me if I was interested in reviewing a collection of dark fiction and poetry by African-American women I was overjoyed and even more so when I received the pdf from the Publisher Rochon Perry, Cedar Grove Publishing (the over 500 page volume wouldn’t have been published, as in fact it was, until February 2017). I found myself facing an incredible project both for its significance as for the quality of the texts.